Flush Door

Republic offers standard hollow metal doors in a wide variety of cores, designs, gages, and materials to meet almost any need. SDI Levels 1-4

Standard Doors

Sunburst Panel Door

When it just has to look good, we cover all of the bases. Republic has a wide variety of designs available from traditional 6 Panel to High Definition designs. SDI Levels 1-3

Embossed Doors

Fire Rated Door
Fire Rated

Doors play an important role in a building's fire resistance. All Republic doors have been fire tested in accordance with UL 10B, UL 10C, UBC 7-2, and ASTM E-152.

Fire Rated Doors

Acoustical Door
STC (Acoustical)

NOISE! Republic can help you bring the volume down with STC rated acoustical doors. STC ratings up to Level 52 • SDI Levels 3-4

STC Rated Doors

Bullet Resistant Door
Bullet Resistant

Republic's bullet resistant doors can provide protection from small arms to military grade. UL752 Levels 1-8 • SDI Level 4

Bullet Resistant Doors

Hurricane Certified Door
Windstorm (Hurricane)

Do you need Florida Building Code, Miami-Dade County, or Texas Department of Insurance approved doors? SDI Levels 2-4

Hurricane Doors

Lead Lined Door
Lead Lined

Republic offers an assortment of door sizes and lead thicknesses for your lead lined door needs. SDI Levels 1-3

Lead Lined Doors

FEMA and Tornado

FEMA 320 and 361 above ground storm shelter tornado doors. SDI Level 3

FEMA / Tornado Doors

Universal Rough Opening Calculator

Instructions: Use decimal inches, face dimensions, and nominal opening size for butted application
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Drywall Rough Opening Calculator

Instructions: Use decimal inches and results are for standard 2 inch face
Width must be number (ex. 99 or 99.99)
Height must be number (ex. 99 or 99.99)
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