Frames: Elevations

Republic's pre-engineered steel frame components (sticks) provide unlimited flexibility for opening systems. Frame components are used to fabricate even the most complex entrance fronts, partitions, and window wall designs. The variety of jamb depths and sizes permit greater design freedom.

Example Elevations
Elevation with Door Frame and Transom
Elevation with Door Frame , Transom, and Sidelites
Elevation with Door Frame and Side Lites


Frame Components
  • Base Section

    Base Section

  • Mullion Section

    Mullion Section

  • Open Section

    Open Section

  • Notch Section

    Notch Section

Frame Assembly

Republic provides full service capabilities for frame assembly welding and deliveries from both the factory and Service Centers. This distribution network is available to coordinate the service needs of the Distributor and project jobsite.

Tech Data (PDF) Tech Data

Elevation Technical Data

  • Fabrication: Frame assemblies shall be made of standard and fabricated frame components then assembled and welded by factory trained Republic Distributors.
  • Frame Assemblies: Frame assemblies shall be made of standard sticks, fabricated from prime quality 18, 16, 14, or 12 gage cold-rolled or galvanized steel. Where sticks are used at door openings in the frame assemblies, they shall be prepared for all hardware specified. Frame assemblies shall be fabricated from three basic components: Open sections (perimeter members), Mullion sections (intermediate members), and Sill sections (bottom members).
  • Open Sections: Identical in configuration to Republic standard masonry and drywall frames.
  • Mullion Sections: Identical jamb depths, face dimensions and stops as open sections
  • Sill Sections: Flush with both faces of adjacent vertical members. The individual sticks shall be cut to length and notched to assure square joints and corners. All joints and corners of the frame assembly shall be welded and ground smooth at the face of the sections.
  • Panels: When specified, steel panels shall be furnished 1 3/8 or 1 3/4 inch thick as required. Panels shall be reinforced by laminating 20 gage cold rolled steel to a small cell honeycomb core.
  • Prime Paint: All stick components, steel panels, and frame assemblies shall be phosphatized and receive one coat of force-cured rust inhibiting prime paint. Steel channel glazing beads shall be provided with the assemblies for all areas in which glass is to be installed.
  • Shipping: Frame assemblies may be shipped to jobsite completely welded. Field joints shall be permitted only when the size of the total assembly exceeds shipping limitations.
  • Windload: When frame assemblies are subjected to windloads, vertical members shall be free of field splices.
  • Length: Maximum length is 10 feet 3 inches
  • Gage: Stock gages are 16 and 14.

Other profiles are available upon request.

Universal Rough Opening Calculator

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Drywall Rough Opening Calculator

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