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Catalog (in PDF format):
Catalog is approximately 5.83 MB
Technical Data
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Drawings (in DWG Format)

If you have an Autodesk product installed on your PC it may have installed an Internet Explorer addon called "dwgviewrCtrl". This addon is notorious for breaking the viewing of CAD files on websites. The only fix is to edit your registry or uninstall your Autodesk product. That is not recommended.

We recommend the following method to view our dwg files if you are getting the blank page issue.

Method 1

  • Right mouse click the link to the dwg file
  • On the popup menu left click on "Save target as..."
  • Pick a location that you can remember and save the dwg file to that folder (such as Downloads or Pictures)
  • Open the location in Windows Explorer and double click the dwg file OR open Trueview or AutoCAD and open the dwg file from the application.

Alternate Method 2

Use a different browser such as Google Chrome or Firefox or Opera.

Other browsers will either ask you to save or open the file instead of getting the blank white page.

Door Preparations (in DWG format):

Frame Preparations (in DWG format):

Anchor (in DWG format):

Universal Rough Opening Calculator

Instructions: Use decimal inches, face dimensions, and nominal opening size for butted application

Drywall Rough Opening Calculator

Instructions: Use decimal inches and results are for standard 2 inch face
Width must be number (ex. 99 or 99.99)
Height must be number (ex. 99 or 99.99)