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Newsletter Archive
January 2017

Shipping Schedules have been updated on the web site.

September 2014

Please read technical bulletin TB-14-01 (PDF), Technical Data Sheets 509-517 (PDF), and the Hinge Location Page for hinge location changes.

Pool Truck Schedules have been added to the web site.

The conversion chart has been updated to include PSF to MPH conversions.

March 2014:

The San Francisco (Hayward) Service Center is closing. Please contact the main office for any inquiries. Existing customers will be served through the main office or any of the other service centers.

June 2013: New Website Design!

Republic's new website is a mobile first responsive web design.

June 2013: New Price Books!

Price books have been redesigned to be easier to use.


Universal Rough Opening Calculator

Instructions: Use decimal inches, face dimensions, and nominal opening size for butted application

Drywall Rough Opening Calculator

Instructions: Use decimal inches and results are for standard 2 inch face
Width must be number (ex. 99 or 99.99)
Height must be number (ex. 99 or 99.99)