FEMA and Tornado

Tornados form quickly giving people little time to prepare. Tornado prepared rooms and buildings can provide shelter. Republic's FEMA (Tornado) doors and frames are an important part of the areas of refuge equation. When structures are located in a 250 mph wind zone per ICC 500, the following structures must include an ICC500-2014 storm shelter: 911 call stations; emergency operations centers; fire, rescue, and ambulance stations; police stations, K-12 school buildings with 50 or more occupant capacity.

  • Meets or Exceeds ANSI/SDI A250.8-2014; SDI Level 4, Model 2
  • Meets or Exceeds FEMA 320 and 361
  • Meets or Exceeds ICC 500-2014
  • Passes Impact Projectile test (15 lb. 2x4 traveling at 100 mph)
  • Passes Pressure test (greater than 302 PSF)
  • Multiple hardware options (see below)
  • Community Shelters, School Corridors, Home Shelters, Safe Rooms, and other protection areas
SDI Tornado Video
Approved Hardware Options:
  • Approved hardware and accessories: [PDF]
  • Approved Allegion latching hardware
    • Lever: Schlage LM9300 Series (singles/pairs, 3068 thru 8080)
    • Panic Exit: Von Duprin WS 98/9927 and WS 98/9957 Series (singles/pairs, 3068 thru 8080)
    • Securitech options
Tech Data Project Installation

Republic DF Tornado Product Technical Data

Compliance, Industry Standards, and Product Listing Approvals for Tornado:
  • SDI Certified: Republic is a proud member of a distinguished group of companies that are regularly audited to ensure they meet SDI’s rigorous manufacturing, performance and quality standards for the Hollow Metal Industry.
  • SDI Membership communicates compliance with industry standards including ANSI/SDI A250.8 (Specifications), ANSI/SDI A250.10 (Prime Paint), ANSI UL 10C (Fire), UL 1784 (Air Leakage), ANSI/SDI A250.4 (Physical endurance), ANSI/SDI A250.6 (Hardware reinforcing), ASTM A1008 (CRS), ANSI/SDI A250.3 (Finish coatings), ASTM A653 (Galv; All Tornado products are Galvanealled), and SDI 117 (Tolerances).
  • NAAMM and HMMA: National Association of Architectural Metal Manufacturers and Hollow Metal Manufactures Association (division 5).
  • NFPA 101: Life Safety Code 2009.
  • IBC 2015: International Building Code.
  • ANSI 117.1: Accessible and Usable Building and Facilities.
  • ICC500-2014: Minimum criteria for life safety (tornado).
  • FEMA 320 / FEMA 361: Guidance for safe rooms (tornado).
  • WH: Tornado product certification from Warnock Hersey.
  • Intertek: Tornado Assembly product listing.
  • UL: Underwriters Laboratories, Inc., Codes & Standards.
  • NFPA: National Fire Protection Association, Codes and Standards.
SDI 100 Level / Model:
  • Level 4 and Model 2 (Maximum Duty Performance Level A, Seamless) (Standard).
Fire Label Range:
  • 20 min thru 3 hours. 90 minutes with tornado glass factory installed. All Fire Rated doors must be installed in accordance with the National Fire Protection Association Pamphlet 80 (NFPA 80), and/or the local Authority Having Jurisdiction.
  • Installers must be experienced and capable. See available Republic FEMA Product Installation Guide as needed. Standards and code requirements must be followed. Installation of all Steelcraft frames and doors shall conform to the published Steelcraft installation instructions, ANSI A250.11-2012 (formerly SDI 105) Recommended Erection Instructions for Steel Frames, and HMMA 840. Installation of Republic DF Tornado System must conform to corresponding Intertek opening requirements, in compliance with FEMA 361 and ANSI ICC500-2014.
  • Frames: PDF of steps with images: "Steel Door Frame Installation in Masonry"
  • Installation video: Select "How to Install Frames in Masonry Construction"
  • Doors: Door installation videos: Select "How to Install a Steel Door".In addition to checking for fire labels as stated in this video, check also for ICC500-2014 / FEMA 361/320 labels on doors and frames.
  • Troubleshooting: Troubleshooting videos: See Troubleshooting Videos section
Approved Frame Anchors:
  • Anchoring is supplied from the factory and is specifically configured to your order based on communication of wall condition (e.g. concrete or CMU block). Anchoring is approved by Intertek Testing Services / Warnock Hersey (ITS/WHI), supported by testing or 3rd party PE reports. Further information is available to customers upon request.
  • (1) New Masonry – Frame must be grouted full. Jamb base anchor is used.
  • (2) Existing Masonry – Factory weld-in tube and strap with punch and dimple and bolts provided. Communicate your wall condition to receive appropriate anchoring from the factory.
Frame, Standard specifications:
  • Strong 14 Gauge A60 Galvannealed Steel:Superior strength and corrosion resistance on exterior openings.
  • Die-mitered Corner Connections:Head and Jamb tight/closed miters standard for an attractive, strong corner connection. Available KD or Welded from the factory.
  • Patented Universal Hinge Preparations:Allow for easy field conversion between standard and heavyweight hinges
  • Hinge Reinforcement:Hinge edge is beveled with 7 gauge steel hinge reinforcements (alt full mortise continuous hinges use 14 gauge steel full length reinforcements on both the door and frame)
  • Strong, Reinforced Lock Rail:Lock edge is beveled and reinforced with a continuous 12 gauge steel channel (projection welded)
  • Durable Head Reinforcement:12 gauge steel
  • Rugged Strike Reinforcement:12 gauge steel center strike reinforcement with 14 gauge (alt 12 gauge) head/sill strike reinforcement.
  • Adjustable Base Anchors:Allow adjustment in installation when the floor is not perfect. Note that floors and walls in tornado openings should be level, plumb and square and held to a higher standard than typical construction for this critical life safety product functionality with approved hollow metal, hardware and accessories
  • Factory Applied Baked-on Rust Inhibiting Primer:Durable frame protection with finish paint options available.
  • Closer Reinforcements:When specified shall be 14 gage steel.
  • Opening sizes:Shall not exceed the smallest and largest sizes tested and approved per ICC 500-2014. Available sizes shall be publically available on Intertek or UL listing websites.
  • Size Availability: 3-sided flush and glazed):Single 3068 thru 4080; Pair 6068 thru 8080.
  • Size Availability: 4-sided (shutters):Single 2843 thru 4080; Pair 5443 thru 8080
  • Jamb Depth: 5-3/4" thru 10-3/4"
  • Frame Face:2" Face with 4" Face head option (4" face head must be grouted full)
  • Supplied:KD or Welded
  • Profile:Double rabbet only (see detail image below)
  • Frames supplied:KD or Welded
  • Adhesive stick-on type silencers:Recommended (3) per strike jamb on single and (2) per head for pairs, field installed (not provided from the factory)
  • Fire Rating:Where called for by the door and hardware schedules, tornado Doors, Frames, Shutter, and Glass lights shall be identified by an official metal label or etching (for glass) to signify tested approval from ITS - Warnock Hersey or Underwriters' Laboratories, to UL 10C protocols.
Door, Standard specifications:
  • Steel Stiffened core construction:Stiffeners welded to one face sheet and attached with epoxy to the opposite face sheet
  • Seamless, Full Height, Mechanical Interlock Edges:Lock and hinge edges welded and filled smooth for structural support and stability the full height of the door
  • Full Height Lock Side Reinforcement Channel:Ensure structural stability under extreme pressure conditions with 12 Gauge Top and 14 Gauge bottom steel reinforcement
  • Top and Bottom Reinforcing:14 Gauge Inverted Top and Bottom Channels
  • Beveled Hinge and Lock Edges:Create tight installation tolerances and ensure better operation, eliminating binding
  • Universal Hinge Preparations:Allow for easy field conversion between standard and heavyweight hinges
  • Hinge Reinforcement:Durable 7 gauge hinge reinforcement
  • Closer Reinforcement:14 gauge steel, Standard
  • Factory Applied Baked-on Rust Inhibiting Primer:Durable protection in accordance with ANSI A250-10, with finish paint options available.
  • Corrosion Resistant Steel Construction:Standard A-60 Galvannealed Steel for resistance against corrosion on exterior openings.
  • Size Availability (3-sided flush and glazed):Single 3068 thru 4080; Pair 6068 thru 8080.
  • Face Skins:Maximum Duty 14 gauge galvannealed steel
  • Thickness:Hollow Metal Standard 1 3/4"(+/- 1/16")
  • Replace "Actual Door Size" with Tight fit with Minimal air infiltration:Actual Door Size is undersized from nominal by 3/16" width and 1/8" height plus door undercut. Along with beveled edge construction, doors are built with a tight tolerance fit and minimal air filtration with 3/32" gaps at each jamb and 1/8" gap at the head.
  • Handing Design:Frames and Doors are handed
  • Custom Door Undercuts Available:Customizable based on threshold and hardware requirements. Standard 3/4" undercut based on using a 1/2" threshold and required latching gaps. Required gap from bottom of door to top of floor strikes is 1/8"-1/4" for Schlage LM9300; 1/8" for Von Duprin WS98/9927 & WS98/9957. Hardware installation instructions must be followed. The manufacturer's strike must always be used and cannot be unduly modified. Bottom strikes must be anchored (LM) or grouted (WS) into the foundation slab. When used, thresholds must be grouted full in the strike area with the strike protruding out of the top of the threshold and sitting flush or on top of the threshold. When using a Zero 566A rabbeted threshold with a WS device, the bottom latch housing is mounted above the bottom door edge to achieve the required gap. See 566A / 304L Strike Install instructions.
  • Pair Meeting Edge:Inactive leaf with ASA strike may use astragal. Cutout only. No tabs on astragal. Can use astragal with LM9300, but not with panic exit unless surface bolts on inactive leaf are used. When not using astragal, gap can be filled with Zero gasketing.
  • See hardware manufacturer installation instructions for more information.
Electrical Preps:

Options will be reviewed by engineering at the time of order and will not be available for electronic ordering. The following options are available:

  • Power transfer units (EPT2, EPT10)
  • Electric hinge
  • Electric door closer utilizes the same preps shown in "closers"
  • Magnetic hold opens utilize the same preps shown in "closers." Must be outswing and must be located away from hardware/rod locations to avoid interference.
  • Door position switch (round) must be mortised into edge or top of door
  • Magnetic switch (rectangle) must be mounted to exterior or storm side only
  • Auto operator allowed on exterior, or storm side, only and must use high frequency hinge reinforcement and 5" heavyweight hinges.
Meeting edge details for pairs of doors:
Glass Lights:

Tornado approved by Intertek per ICC500-2014 testing procedures. Available in 3-sided frames only. Fire Rated or non-rated. Glass light assembly including glass, steel trim and bolts are installed from the factory only. DF Tornado lights come fully installed from the factory, including glass, steel trim and bolts. The light assembly cannot be replaced or modified without nullifying tornado code labels.

Options include PV (vision) and PN (narrow; ADA compliant/43” visible glass AFF) Labeled Light designs without modification. Lights can be added to any DF Tornado door available in a 3-sided frame. Lights are not available in variable sizes or locations. Fire rated versions (PVF and PNF) are available up to 90 minutes. Additional information is available to customers upon request.

Glass Light Care and Instructions:

When you receive your door, the glass will have a care instructions which include the below information:

  1. Do not remove the label until after finish paint and ready to seal the glass trim
  2. Painting: Do not powder coat your door to avoid exposing to extremely high temperatures that could damage components and affect performance.
  3. Caulk/Sealant: A quality glass trim sealant must be applied to any weather-facing glass and trim to avoid water infiltration and corrosion over time. Apply sealant along full perimeter with no gaps between trim and glass, and between trim and door. Caulk may also be added to the non-storm side of the door as well for added protection and for visual preference.
    • For fire rated assemblies with glass, a UL classified fire rated sealant must be used
  4. Do not cut on/take care not to damage: The outer layers of your DF Tornado glass are typical of other window glass that can be scratched and can break. Please take care. Broken glass will void your tornado label and must be replaced by replacing the entire tornado door with glass.
  5. Film layer: The non-storm facing side of the glass has a protective coating. Take care not to damage or remove. Do not use masking tape and do not otherwise scratch, damage or pull this film off.
    • The coated side is on the non-storm side of the door, identified by the side of the glass trim with visible Phillips head trim bolts.
  6. Cleaning: Do not use abrasive agents and/or bristle brushes when cleaning your glass surface. Use synthetic/soft cloths. Use common window cleaning solutions (ammonia solutions allowed 30 days after installation).
  7. Replacement: If the film is damaged, call Steelcraft support at (877) 671-7011 to schedule replacement by an authorized representative. It is critical to door performance to resolve this condition as soon as possible.
DF and Glass light handing:

Correctly understanding handing in ordering and installing tornado products is critical to life safety. In referencing typical Handing procedures diagrams (SDI Handing chart), use the following IMPORTANT rules when considering Tornado openings.

  • The Exterior, or Outside, is always the Storm side (the side of the door that faces a storm). Typically this is the Key Side, but not always (e.g. not typical, but if the shelter is the hallway and a connected classroom is outside of the shelter, the outside of your door would face

the classroom since that is the side facing the outside, or storm side, of the shelter).

  • The Interior, or Inside, is always the Safe side (the side on the inside of your shelter or safe room). Typically this is the non-Key Side, but not always (e.g. not typical, but if the shelter is the hallway and a connected classroom is outside of the shelter, the inside of your door would face

the hall since that is the side facing the inside, or safe side, of the shelter).

  • Note that DF doors may be inswing or outswing when using lever trim. But DF doors with panic exit hardware will always be outswing with the panic bar on the safe side and the door opening out towards the Outside, or Storm side.
Shutters (4-sided frames):
  • Size Availability:Single 2843 thru 4080; Pair 5443 thru 8080.
  • Glass:Non-impact resistant glass (provided by others) can be installed in exterior (storm side) rabbet of frame.
Shutter handing:

Most shutter applications should be ordered as straight handed.

  • Straight handed shutters (Figure 1: Straight handed shutters): Shutters with glass in a 4-sided frame are always straight handed. If the shutter opening does not have glass, but is still installed into the rabbet nearest to the inside/shelter/safe side of the opening, then the shutter is still straight handed.
  • Reverse handed shutters (Figure 2: Reverse handed shutters): Shutters without glass that are installed into the rabbet nearest to the storm side of the opening is reverse handed. This option would not have glass.
  1. Avoid special gasketing with tornado. Maintain proper latching and avoid potential binding or interference.
  2. Avoid surface auto door bottoms since they can interfere with the bottom latch.
  3. Door sweeps such as Zero 8192 or 8198 can be used.
  4. Perimeter seals such as Zero 488 are less likely to bind versus other models.
  5. Meeting edge on pairs could use Zero 8217 or 328.
  6. Surface mounted seals (Zero 475AA) works well but needs to be cut short to fit around the closer mounting and sometimes the WS RIM strike mounting.
  7. Use a continuous hinge to seal the jamb edge.
  8. Do not use a top jamb and lock jamb seal to avoid cutting around latches in the field (point of frustration for installers and architects).
  9. If a regular egress, jamb applied seals are used with a mortise device or strike plate mounting bracket by top jamb closer to complete the perimeter seal.

Zero Gasketing and Thresholds Recommendations for Tornado Applications


Zero Models used with tornado

Most Recommended Zero models

Saddle 545, 546, 547, 548, 655, 656, 657, 670 655a w/ or w/o  "V3" full body option
Rabbeted / Bumper 566A, 568, 65A 65A. For WS device use 566A only.
Perimeter head and jamb (self-adhesive) 188S, 488S, 8145S, 117S, 8042S, 8150S, 8144S 488
Perimeter head and jamb (screw-applied) 50, 139, 312, 314, 326, 328, 429, 8303, 485, 870, 475AA 475AA
Meeting edge (screw applied) 55/555, 55FS/555FS, 326, 328, 99, 100, 873 8217, 328
Sweeps and door bottoms & auto door bottom 39, 339, 328, 329, 50M, 539, 8191, 8197, 8198, 8192, 8193, 111, 153, 354A, 355ª 8192, 8198
ICC 500-2014 Approved Latching Hardware:

Latching hardware: Von Duprin® and Schlage® hardware in The Republic Series door system are available in compliance with FEMA 361 and ANSI ICC500-2014 with factory attached ITS/WHI Intertek listed or approved opening labels in the configurations shown below.

For complete Assembly Approvals, contact tech support. The Authority Having Jurisdiction is the final authority in issues related to the installation and use of any building products.

Republic Series door system is tested as a complete door frame and hardware system. Door, frame and anchors must be ordered from Republic. When specified, ITS/WHI fire door labels are factory attached stating listings in accordance with UL10C Fire Resistance Ratings in the configurations shown below.

Schlage and Von Duprin Latches

Single Outswing

Single Inswing

Double Outswing

Double Inswing


Vertical Rod











*Schlage LM9300 Concealed 3 point Lever Yes 3 hr Yes 3 hr Yes 3 hr Yes 3 hr
Von Duprin WS98/9927 Surface 2 point Panic exit Yes none No n/a Yes 90 min No n/a
Von Duprin WS98/9957 Surface 3 point Panic exit Yes 3 hr No n/a No n/a No n/a

1) LM9300 Inactive leaf must use IVES SB360 surface bolts.

2) WS devices available with EO (exit only). NL (night latch not available. Electric options include LC, RX, RX-2, ALK, SS, QEL, E996L E-Trim.

3) See data sheets and installation instructions in the Allegion online library for more information.

ICC 500-2014 Approved DF Tornado Hardware and Accessories:Print




UL Fire listings


Latches -- Panic Exit hardware; ADA Narrow and Vision lights available with Von Duprin WS devices

Von Duprin WS98/9927 with or without (F) 2-point, Panic bar, SVR (no primary), electrified options R4504 & SA163 Outswing applications only
Von Duprin WS98/9957 with or without (F) 3-point, Panic bar, SVR, electrified options R4504 & SA163
Von Duprin LGO-3, LGO-4 Latch Guards for ADA to cover bottom SVRs
Ives SB360 Top & bottom surface bolts for inactive leaf, any lever R4942
Securitech 7T Series Securitech 3-point, Panic bar, CVR, elect options R27798
Securitech 83T Series Securitech 3-point, Panic bar, SVR, elect options R27798

Latches -- Multi-point Lever hardware; ADA Narrow and Vision lights available with all Schlage LM93xx multi-point

Schlage LM/LMV93xx Schlage 3-point lock, Lever R27031 Outswing & inswing applications
Von Duprin Von Duprin rods, CVR R21149
Securitech 52xx-V 2-point, Lever, CVR (no primary) R27798 Outswing applications only
Securitech 53xx, 54xx 3 or 4-point, Lever, CVR R27798
Securitech 7L and 83L Series Lever, CVR, HVL, electrified options R27798

Latches -- Latching hardware for FEMA 320 only (multi-action release for small business and residential applications <16 occupancy)

Securitech *ATAR System RB-100 Series ATAR multi-latch system with HVL in conjunction with cylindrical locks shown below Outswing & inswing applications
Medeco *Maxum Medeco Maxum 3-deadbolts in conjuction with cylindrical locks shown below R18248
Schlage, Falcon Cylindrical locks used with Medeco Maxum or Securitech ATAR System Schlage ND Series, Falcon NT Series Schlage R3515, Falcon GWVW

Butt hinges

Ives 3CB1, 3CB1HW, 3CB1NRP, 3CB1HWNRP, 3CB1SH, 3CB1HWSH, 5BB1, 5BB1HW, 5BB1WT, 5BB1NRP, 5BB1HWNRP, 5BB1SH, 5BB1HWSH, 5BB1HW WT Ives butt hinges - 4.5 High (0.134 Min) or 5 high (0.146 Min) R16697
Ives TW4, TW8 Ives electric hinge options BP9752

Continuous hinges

Ives 112HD, 112XY, 224HD, 224XY Ives aluminum geared continuous hinge - nominal leaf thickness 0.110 R16697
Ives 600, 700, 700Cs, 705 Ives steel pin & barrel continuous hinge - nominal leaf thickness 14 gage R16697
Ives TW8, TWP Ives electric continuous hinge options BP9752

Electric power transfer

Von Duprin EPT-2, EPT-10 Von Duprin electric power transfer SA163


LCN 4000T, 4010, 4010T, 4020, 4020T, 4030, 4030T, 4040XP, 4040XPT, 4050, 4110, 4110T LCN surface mounted closer R1943 All surface mounted closers must be attached to door with through bolts per manufacturer's installation instructions. Covers must be attached with steel screws. 4010, 4040XPT, 4000T & 4050 do not open to 180 degrees, so application should be confirmed.
Falcon FALCON SC70 (heavy duty), SC80A, SC60A Falcon surface mounted closer R1943

Overhead holder/stop

Glynn Johnson 70S, 79S, 81S, 90S Glynn Johnson surface mount overhead holder/stop R18895 79 Series does not open to 180 degrees, so application should be confirmed.

Electronic door closer

LCN 4040SE, 4310ME LCN-sentronic electronic door closer R1943 4310ME May be mounted on interior or exterior side of storm shelter or safe room. 4040SE exterior side only.

Auto-door operator

LCN 9542, 9553 LCN auto door operator R7303 To be mounted only to the exterior side of storm shelter or safe room.

Magnetic holder

LCN SEM 7800 LCN magnetic holder R8327 Extenders not permitted on inswing applications

Door position switch

Schlage 679-05 (round), 7764 (rectangular) Schlage door position switch Must be mortised into the edge or top of the door, and into the door rabbet of the jamb or head of the frame.
Sentrol 1076, 1078 (round), 2757 (rectangular) Sentrol door position switch R13778

Kick plates

Ives 8400 (Metal or plastic), 8402 (metal) Ives kick plate R22142 Must be secured with steel screws. 48" Max height bottom of door only.

Thresholds & gasketing

Zero R18465 Must not impede or affect the function of the opening or latching hardware.

Floor & wall stops/holders

Ives Attached to exterior with steel screws per manufacturer's instructions. Interior application must be Ives FS495 through bolted to the door, at the bottom only, minimum 6" from lock or strike side of door.

Universal Rough Opening Calculator

Instructions: Use decimal inches, face dimensions, and nominal opening size for butted application
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Drywall Rough Opening Calculator

Instructions: Use decimal inches and results are for standard 2 inch face
Width must be number (ex. 99 or 99.99)
Height must be number (ex. 99 or 99.99)
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